Name Change For Mayfield Milk

Dallas (WDEF) –  Mayfield Milk will soon feature a new name.

Dean Foods plans to place all of its regional milk labels under one brand as part of a move to boost its business and tout the quality of its product.

The Dallas-based company will start using the label "DairyPure" for its 31 brands of milk.

The new label will be in addition to regional labels, meaning the Mayfield logo will remain on carton’s labeled "DairyPure."

Dean Foods purchase Mayfield in 1990.

Dean is the largest milk producer in the country, but they want to highlight that their product comes from nearby.

A new DairyPure ad campaign launching this week will taut that the mil comes "fresh from your local dairy."

They also promise that your milk is tested to make sure there are no antibiotics and free of growth hormones.

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