NASCAR honors a Chattanooga Firefighter

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A Chattanooga fire fighter will be one of several specially selected first responders to be honored on August 18th at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

Fire Captain Steve Everett was selected as part of the speedway’s “Neighborhood Heroes” program.

Steve Everett was off-duty and headed home from a family gathering when he spotted a fire in a nearby neighborhood.

He stopped the car..and along with a neighbor, began checking to see if everyone got out of the burning house.

“We got out, there was some neighbors that had come down, and me and one of the other gentlemen, went around and was looking at the house he said he thought he’d seen somebody so we went in to the back of the house and found the lady laying in the floor, we brought her out and he went to get help, and some of the neighbors came down the hill and got her and we carried her up in the yard.”

NASCAR drivers Ben Rhodes and Myatt Snider, who will be in the August 18th Bristol Race, were in the city and hanging out at Fire station number 3 in Lookout Valley.

They were there to see Captain Everett and also to get a taste of being a firefighter.

Driver Ben Rhodes says “It’s amazing to me because it’s a lot more complex, it’s a lot more physical than people think, and they’re saving lives! They’re going into a burning building, I mean that’s literally the analogy, or the metaphor, whatever you want to call it that people use to describe something dangerous, they’re doing that, in real life, with their lives to save other people, it’s incredible!”

Myatt Snider says “We’re there to make a show for people, but at the same time you know we need to draw that attention that we get towards the heroes ’cause that’s the recognition that they deserve, every single one of them, they make those sacrifices every day.”

Captain Everett will be honored on stage and then he will take an official parade lap in a Chevy Silverado prior to the NASCAR driver introductions at Bristol, on August 18th.

“The idea is just to try to make things better, you know, as you can.”

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