Nathan Deal and David Perdue Pull Ahead in Georgia Polls

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) -Are there surprises in store for the two top races in Georgia?
After months of campaigning and an unprecedented amount of political advertising—it all rests on the shoulders of a few voters.
We’re talking about the Georgia U.S. Senate race between David Perdue and Michelle Nunn along with the Governor’s race with incumbent Nathan Deal and candidate Jason Carter.

Just days after political observers were calling the Georgia Governor’s race and the Georgia U.S. Senate races a dead heat.
The latest polls are showing both republican candidates pulling ahead, but possibly not enough to avoid a lengthy and expensive runoff.

First, in the governor’s race: incumbent Nathan Deal now has a clear lead over challenger Jason Carter.
Several polls show Deal with a 48.7 lead to Carter’s 42.6. But there is a libertarian in that race also with 4%.

REP. STEVE TARVIN, (R) CHICKAMAUGA "If you were to ask me three weeks ago I would have said I thought it was going to be a runoff…but today I think there quite possibly may not be a runoff. I think the turnout in North Georgia may put the governor in without a runoff."

REP. TOM WELDON, (R) CATOOSA COUNTY "If republicans haven’t done the job they should have done…and looked after everybody in the state then that be what comes to fruition."

State representatives Steve Tarvin and Tom Weldon are watching the state races carefully.

But the Senate race is the one state leaders and congressional in Washington pundits are studying most. The outcome could determine the effectiveness of the Obama administration for the next two years.
Here’s what the latest polls are showing.

Republican David Perdue has jumped ahead of Democrat Michelle Nunn in the Georgia Senate race, according to the Survey USA poll released on Monday. Huffpost agrees, adding that there’s a 65% chance for Perdue, but a 3.7% slice for Libertarian Amanda Swafford creates a 57% chance for a runoff.

REP. TARVIN "Its very possible that a democrat could win in the state of Georgia. And, we’ve grown complacent up here in these areas where there’s 75-80% republicans."

REP. WELDON "Clearly, I think Perdue has a conservative agenda..and a conservative approach toward politics..and the way he would look at his view as senator."

Regardless of the faint praise for Deal and Perdue from elected leaders, Tarvin and Weldon expect both to prevail in the long run.

If there’s a runoff in the Georgia governor’s race, it will be held on December 6th.
But if there’s one in the senate race it will be held January 6th–3 days after congress convenes.
Georgia and Louisiana are the only two states that allow runoffs in senate races.

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