National Christmas tree shortage affecting local sales

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — It might be harder to find your perfect Christmas tree this year. Many places around the country are reporting a shortage in trees.This year’s up-and-down weather has hurt the tree production around the Tennessee Valley and the nation.

McDowell Big Fork Nursery on Suck Creek Mountain has seen the effect on their popular Norway Spruces the most.

“This year it rained, But last year we didn’t have any rain. I think it’s too late. The tops are beautiful but the bottom, they started dying, dying. In maybe a couple years, I don’t think we’re going to have Norway Spruces anymore,” said Alex Romero, McDowell Big Fork Nursery’s tree keeper.

They still have beautiful five foot options, but many people go searching for taller trees and leave disappointed.

“Every year there’s more people coming but some people they’ve been around maybe an hour or two and can’t find the perfect they have to leave. They can’t get one,” Romero said.

Ramsey’s Produce stand near Hixon says they’re six or seven hundred trees under what they normally have at this time of the year.

“If we don’t find anymore trees, I might get to shut early!” Linda Ramsey of Ramsey’s Produce said.

Ramsey attributes the early spike in business to the shortage, saying customers are afraid they won’t get a tree if they wait. According to her, that’s a definite possibility.

“Just don’t give up. Don’t wait too long because you might not end up with one.”

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