National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, UTC offers a prevention program aimed at childcare centers

403x403 Nlppw2022It is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week  and UTC wants to remind the public of a program they offer that ensures your child’s safety from lead poisoning at their childcare center.

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week runs this year from October 23rd to the 29th

In Chattanooga, UTC’s Department of Health and Human Performance has program offering free lead testing in child care centers

UTC Professor Dr. Dawn Ford landed a grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation this year for Lead Testing in Drinking Water in Licensed Childcare Centers.

Lead poisoning affects younger kids the most. That’s why the program targets facilities for children under the age of 6

“Yeah, so lead poisoning is, for the most part invisible, you don’t know what’s happening. It affects mostly children under the age of six. Those they are still developing. So they are impacted the most it is a neurotoxin. So it impacts their development, IQ, behavior, all of those things,” said Dr. Ford. “Generally, testing of your home is not needed, unless your home was built before 1978 or if you live on the south side, you’re already aware that there is a lead issue in the soil there. If your child goes for checkups, you can ask for a blood lead test, especially at the one year appointment and the two year appointment.”

Dr. Ford said testing is essential as there are no real signs or symptoms that lead is present.

Dr. Ford wants to encourage parents to talk to their child’s care center about the free lead testing  service.

There are remediation funds available if lead is found at elevated levels.


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