National Preparedness Month, Is your family prepared?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – September is national preparedness month and that means that it’s time for you and your family to get better prepared-because you never know what Mother Nature will be dishing out 

Hamilton County has seen its share of disasters over the years-from tornadoes to severe flooding and even wildfires – so officials say having an emergency plan and a  “to go” kit could be a lifesaver for your family. 

Officials say your emergency to go kit should include such things as : an extra set of clothes, snacks, water for the family, and all of your important documents.

“Be prepared ahead of time for any kind of severe weather. Just taking a moment out of their day to try to put those things together. We have a checklist that makes it easier for you to make sure you don’t leave anything out. Put everything in a Tupperware bucket, slide it under your bed and if anything were to happen you have it with you,” says Amy Maxwell, Emergency Services for Hamilton County. 

Carrie Fugunt’s home was sitting right in the path of a tornado  and she says her family was in no way as prepared as they should have been.

“We didn’t have anything packed up. Which is the complete opposite of what I will do now. I will now have everything. The other thing is we did not have a weather radio and we won’t go without it again. We will absolutely have one from here on out. As a family we are going to put together a kit and there is no way around it,” says Carrie Fugunt. 

In addition to a kit, emergency officials suggest that every family prepare more than one evacuation route in case they need to leave their home quickly. 

 For a complete checklist of items to include inside your emergency kit click here.

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