National Preparedness Month

Hamilton County Emergency Management officials kicked off "National Preparedness Month." Representatives teamed up with Walgreens to highlight the importance of having a plan to prevent injuries.

Tony Reavley, Hamilton County Director of Emergency Services said, "Be prepared. We focus September being "National Preparedness Month", but we think we need to be prepared 12 months out of the year." Be prepared. That’s the message Hamilton County and Tennessee State Emergency Management officials stressed over and over again Wednesday morning. Dean Flener, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency said, "The need for individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities to get a kit, make a plan and be prepared for the next disaster. Don’t wait until the flood is upon you or you hear the tornado warning. Know where you are going to go if you hear a tornado warning, know what you are going to do, know what your family is going to do."

In an emergency, you may need a supply kit at home or to take with you during an evacuation. Several items needed include: At least 3 gallons of water per person, canned goods that will last 3 days, standard first aid kit, medications, baby supplies like formula, diapers, extra eyeglasses or contact lenses, extra car keys, flashlights, extra batteries and a battery operated radio. Eric Kittle, Walgreens Representative said, "At Walgreens one of the things we have noticed that is left out a lot is the prescription medication out of the emergency preparedness kit. This is a major concern for patients during emergencies because it can cause an event to become more life threatening." Pharmacists suggest having a 2 to 3 day supply of medication. Kittle said, "And along with that a list of all current medications, so that way in case of emergency, you’ll have that list available for responders."

Making an emergency plan is extremely important within your household. Reavley said, "If you are prepared and you are warned early, then you can protect yourself in a better light." For more information regarding emergency preparedness visit:

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