Neighbor of stabbing victim: ‘I heard her say oh my god.’

CLEVELAND, Tennessee(WDEF) – An overnight stabbing inside an apartment leaves one person dead and the suspect in jail.

It happened in the 300 block of Dooley Street Northeast.

Police say Robbie Johnson,28, was stabbed to death inside his apartment by Ralph Wayne Ray III.

It’s unclear what led to the stabbing but police say Ray was staying in an apartment two doors down from Johnson.

WDEF spoke to Samantha Edsell who lives several doors down from the Johnson. She said she heard Johnson’s girlfriend scream.

"I heard her say oh my god,"Edsell said.

She said prior to the scream, she heard strange noises.

"I was in the bedroom and I heard banging in the back. I though someone was getting bit back there so I didn’t think anything about it until I heard the police car."

Several Neighbors told WDEF that Ray did not live in that apartment two doors down but was only staying there temporarily. A person who was renting that apartment did not want to comment about the arrest.

As for Johnson, Neighbors say he was a quiet person who kept to himself and did not cause trouble.

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