Neighbors concerned about traffic on Hamill Road

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After a serious crash injured two people this morning, neighbors are concerned about drivers speeding on Hamill Road.

“They do fly across here,” Lou Keith said.

People who live on Hamill Road say cars tend to speed by the area.

“It is a heavily traveled road. It is very heavily traveled because people use this road and not like to have any red lights or stop lights or anything, stop signs, so they can just go unhindered and they tend to speed,” Keith said.

On Friday morning,  neighbors saw a busy scene. Two cars were involved in a crash. Chattanooga Police say two people were extracted from the cars and taken to the hospital. Part of the road was closed off as crews worked to clear the scene.

This part of Hamill Road isn’t new to serious crashes. In February on the same block, Officer Nicholas Galinger was hit and killed by a car while he was inspecting an overflowing manhole.

“We need to pray over this property,” Keith said.

Neighbors say something needs to be done.

“Maybe a few speed bumps. I don’t know what they can do, but people are driving too fast. We sit on the porch and watch them and it is amazing,” Keith said.

While people like living here, they hope there is change when it comes to all of the cars.

“It is beautiful. Yes, it is a very tranquil neighborhood, but there is a lot of traffic,” Keith said.

Residents say the only time they remember a fatality happening in front of their property is the one involving the officer.

Several blocks away on Hamill Road, a woman was killed when her car hit a train in 2017.

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