Neighbors express concerns over proposed grocery store project in Walden

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – It was a neighborhood gathering Thursday night.

And for the around 20 residents in attendance, it was an opportunity to talk about a proposed project near their homes.

“It will affect our property values, our quality of life the aesthetics will diminish. It’s going to be very impactful for us,” Sandy Koss said.

Sandy and Mark Koss hosted the meeting at their home.

Their home is in Hamilton County right off Timesville Road.

The site of a proposed grocery store and retail is in Walden on the Lines Orchids lot at the corner of Timesville Road and Taft Highway.

That’s not far from their home.

“We’ve not been considered in any of this, because we’re unincorporated. We’re in Hamilton County. We’re not in Walden, but we will be the most affected by the development,” Sandy Koss said.

David Plank lives on Timesville.

One of his concerns is how the project will impact traffic.

“Traffic with all of the development up here now, it’s just going to be overcrowded there’s going to be red lights or roundabouts. They have to do something,” he said.

Some expressed environmental concerns.

There are also concerns over what the development will do to storm water runoff.

Mark Koss said there’s already an issue with that on Timesville Road.

“If you add a large grocery store and a large parking lot that can’t get any better even with the runoff restrictions they put on it when it’s more than an inch, It’s going to end up on Timesville Road.”

The Walden Town Board will give a final vote on rezoning of the property next week.

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