Neighbors react after body found in house fire

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – “It’s just a really sad day,” Debbie Dunn said.

Dunn was at her home Tuesday afternoon when she realized a nearby house on Stone Crest Circle in Hurricane Creek was on fire.

“I came out on the deck and I heard popping which I thought was really strange, and I stood there for just a second to hear where it was coming from and when I did, I saw smoke above the trees and I went to the end of the deck and all I could see was fire, flames,” Dunn said.

She said she called 911.

Firefighters and authorities arrived around ten minutes before three for a report of a residential garage fire.

But, it wasn’t until a few hours later that Dunn heard firefighters found a body inside the house.

“We were all being told that the gentleman who owned the house got out that was it there was nothing else to that. So it was, all day we went thinking that everything was okay, except for the house. So I was shocked,” Dunn said.

While authorities were on the scene, Dunn did what she could to try to comfort family members.

“You don’t know what you can do at that moment, but you want to be as comforting as you can. So, we, you know invited them into our home if they wanted to come in, use the restroom, we got them water, make sure they have a big ole box of Kleenex. Neighbors from around us in the front brought chairs for them to sit in the front yard. So, everybody is just trying to what they can to make it at least bearable for the family,” Dunn said.

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, firefighters located what they thought was a body while fighting the fire, but couldn’t confirm because of structural safety concerns.

It wasn’t until after the fire was extinguished that investigators found and removed the remains.

The fire is believed to have started in the garage.


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