Neighbors remember Woodmore bus crash

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — On the one year anniversary, residents are remembering what happened the day six children died in the Woodmore bus crash.

Felicia Adams lives on Talley Road, across from where the crash took place. She was at home that day and heard screaming.

“I came out to my yard and to kind of check it out, because I didn’t know what was happening and that is when I saw the bus coming around the curb, swerving, the children were screaming, then I saw the impact. And it was a whole bunch of dust and then when the dust cleared, just for that split second the screaming stopped, but when the dust cleared it immediately started again,” Adams said.

Blue ribbons line the street honoring the children who were killed in the crash.
Adams says it was devastating.

“A regular car accident puts you on edge but to see a bus and to know that that bus had children on it. It was terrifying. It was crazy,” Adams said.

Even though she was in shock, she knew she had to call for help.

“Immediately after the accident, of course I am screaming in the yard, jumping up and down, ‘oh my God.’ I ran to go get my phone and I called 911,” she said.

She comforted some of the children who were on the bus.

“Some of the kids that did get out they sat in my yard and I sat with them and I had to get myself together for them. And I called their parents,” she said.

For neighbors this tragedy, brought them together. It is something they won’t forget.

“It is a wonderful thing to remember these children who lost their lives,” Adams said.

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