Nelly Furtado Says Chattanooga Provided Inspiration for “Miracles” on “The Spirit Indestructible”

Singer Nelly Furtado just released her first English speaking album in six years.

She says she ran out of things to say in English, but found inspiration for eight new songs while taking a cross country RV trip.

Nelly spent three days in Chattanooga, where she took in all the sights.

She says the song "Miracles" features some of the images she saw while in town.  "The lyrics kinda go ‘show me all your miracles and totally inside your waterfall,’ so, there’s a beautiful waterfall at Ruby Falls, so I would choose that one.  It’s a very joyful album.  It’s got a lot of energy and it’s fresh and full of adrenaline, but at the same time, it’s a really positive message, because I really believe that music can be inspiring and music can feed, can really feed the soul."

Nelly made the comments during an interview on WDEF News 12 This Morning Wednesday.

Nelly’s "The Spirit Indestructible" hit stores on Tuesday.

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