New details revealed in Rossville murder

GBI agent testifies in court to friends and family of deceased

WALKER COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) — A preliminary hearing was held Tuesday afternoon concerning the death of Dakota Bradshaw, who was killed in Rossville, Georgia, nearly three months ago.

Kavon Collier and Eric Dodds were both charged with his murder back in August.

The preliminary hearing took place at the Walker County Courthouse.

The two 23-year-olds from Huntsville, Alabama, listened alongside Bradshaw’s family and friends to the testimony of GBI Agent Daniel Nicholson.

Nicholson testified that a woman involved in the shooting named “Ms. Collins” has since revealed new details about what happened that August afternoon.

The agent says the motive behind the incident was to retrieve a blue Dodge Challenger registered under Collier’s name from Bradshaw’s property.

Collins’ job specifically was to be the one who drove off with the Challenger.

To get to Bradshaw’s, he says Collins rode along in a red truck with Collier, Dodds and others to get the car, and everyone was armed.

Collins told Nicholson that Dodds was highly emotional, “crying in rage” and carrying a rifle sporting an Army-green camo design.

The agent says Dodds reassured “Ms. Collins” that he would protect her as she took the Challenger.

Nicholson says Collins told him she heard four-to-five gunshots as she raced from the red truck to the blue Dodge.

She is currently in custody.

Nicholson also warns residents to be on the lookout for a man named Darius Woods, who is still on the loose.

He says Woods was a member of the shooting party and has previously killed two people.

After the hearing concluded, Bradshaw’s loved ones declined to be interviewed.

Nicholson says more details on Bradshaw’s murder will be released this upcoming Thursday.

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