New diversity study hopes to create a more inclusive work place in Chattanooga

At Thursday afternoon’s Rotary Club meeting former city attorney Wade Hinton announced the launch of a new diversity study localized to Chattanooga.

Hinton & Company’s new Community Culture Index (CCI) is the one of the first hyper local data driven assessment tools meant to measure a region’s performance in its inclusive practices, specifically in the workplace.

Hinton said this study will create a more inclusive Chattanooga.

“ Well, I think one of the reasons why we’re conducting the assessment is we really have no idea how organizations are showing up right now in their work,” said Hinton. “So, this assessment will allow us to understand who’s doing really well, where there might be areas of opportunity as a community to improve. What we hope comes out of this is that organizations might identify ways to work together to really bring about a more inclusive community.”

The company plans to launch the study in Memphis, Nashville and other major cities throughout the southeast region. To sign up you can visit

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