New and familiar faces on Chattanooga City Council

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – A new looking Chattanooga city council met for the first time today.

Jenny Hill, Isaiah Hester, and Raquetta Dotley are the news faces on the city council board.

“There is so much positive energy within this council and I can tell within the administration. I think as best as I can tell everybody that’s involved it’s just really excited to be doing this work for Chattanooga and serving our neighbors,” said Hill.

“I think it’s kind of exciting we’ve got terrific people on the council, we’ve got a new mayor that has all kinds of new staff and all kinds of new great ideas,” said Carol Berz.

Chairman Chip Henderson from district 1 and Vice Chairman Ken Smith from District 3 both were unanimously voted to keep their positions and ran unopposed.

“The reason why I was talking about continuity there needs to be some continuity of leadership during the transition time. You’re talking about budget, you’re talking about new policies, and our chair and vice chair I’ve done a good job and in transition just makes sense keeping them in,” said Berz.

Also heard from newly sworn-in Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly.

“I’m committed to doing that work alongside all of you and the privilege to do so,” said Kelly.

Also in Tuesday’s meeting, Donna Williams was thanked in her last meeting for all the work she has done and Williams offered advice to the new candidates.

“I joke with our city council members from time to time. This will be the closest overtime job you’ll ever have that’s part-time. So get ready for a lot of hard work,” said Williams.

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