Grant program to help low & moderate income house buyers

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Many families who want to buy a home are held back because they can’t come up with a down payment.

The Partnership for Families, Children and adults has a program to help those folks.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service has joined with First Tennessee Bank to develop a grant program to help low and moderate income Chattanoogans overcome that hurdle.

Individuals who want the help, first have to be enrolled in the Partnership’s Home Buyers Education program.

Consumer Credit Counseling Director Latricia Schobert says “With the market as it is in Chattanooga, right now is the best time to buy. There are so many opportunities and lots of houses that are available, lots of price ranges, different types of houses, that, it’s really the best time to use the resources that are available.”

The grant provides funds toward a down payment and can be used along with other financial assistance programs.

Click here to learn more about their program.


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