New Healthy Food Option in Alton Park

The term, "Food Desert," has been used to describe parts of the Chattanooga area… A food desert is an area where people have to travel a mile or more to obtain affordable and nutritious food…. Alton Park is one of the area’s of the city that had been described using this term, and with that need in mind, it is now the home of Chattanooga’s very first healthy corner.

There are many neighborhoods throughout the city that  don ‘t have convenient access to grocery stores and supermarkets, making residents dependent on corner stores to purchase their food.  The product selection in these stores is often limited to pre-packaged foods with very few if any healthy options… As a result, groups across the city are partnering with communities and corner store owners to increase the availability of healthy foods in corner stores.

John Bilderback, the project manager of Step One said, "It’s all about people making the healthy choice," and based on the early results, residents are doing just that.

The stores shelves were full on Wednesday, but by Thursday afternoon, the shelves had been cleared.

This may be the first, but it won’t be the last healthy corner store in Chattanooga.  The groups hope to launch four more healthy corner store sites within the next year.

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