New info on person who shot and killed a chase suspect in Bradley County

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) — There is new information on the fatal shooting of a chase suspect at the center of an intense manhunt in Bradley County.

“It was a very scary time; a time of apprehension and anxiety. I’ve been in this industry for 30 years and I’ve never had an incident like this at one of our facilities,” said Santek Waste Services Marketing President, Cheryl Dunson.

She was referring to the fatal shooting of Jeremy Headley, 24. It happened inside the Bradley County landfill Thursday evening; just hours after a multiple law enforcement agency manhunt for Headley had been cancelled. An employee of a contract construction company was building a new cell when he encountered Headley.

“And it was actually their employee who shot the gentleman yesterday,” Dunson said.

Tensions at the landfill were already high after workers received notice that a man presumed by police to be armed and dangerous was on the loose.

“We actually shut down the landfill for a few hours. Then the search was abandoned so we opened the landfill back up and apparently about an hour later that’s when the incident occurred,” Dunson said.

According to authorities, the chain of events all started back in Meigs County where Narcotic detectives were watching a known drug house. They spotted Headley Daniel Warren, 32, exit the home and take off Warren’s SUV.

“We initiated a traffic stop for a traffic violation. Upon approaching the vehicle, there were two subjects in there along with firearms inside the vehicle that were visible. When he asked them for Identification, there were unable to produce any,” said Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Brian Malone.

That’s when police said the suspects took off and led multiple officers on a dangerous low speed chase through both Meigs and Hamilton County.

“The driver of the vehicle did intentionally hit one of our Meigs County patrol cars; crashed it. He also hit another Meigs County patrol car; wrecked it as well as one Hamilton County patrol car that were also involved in an accident,” Malone said.

According to investigators, the chase came to an end in Bradley County when Warren wrecked his SUV on Bancroft Road. He was quickly taken into custody but Headley escaped on foot into this wooded area. His escape led to an intense manhunt involving the use of tracking dogs, aerial drones and a state police helicopter, but despite the effort, they could not locate the suspect so they called of the search. Hours later they learned Headley was shot and killed.

“We regret the incident occurred at all. That was a very tragic situation and our thoughts and prayers go out to all families that are involved,” Dunson said.

The TBI is now investigating the case.

So far no charges have been filed against the shooter who has yet to be identified.

Authorities have yet to say whether or not Headley was armed when he was shot.

News 12 also found out that landfill employees are not allowed to carry weapons into the landfill but it’s unclear if the same rules apply to contract workers.

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