New information on Pit Bull attack in Lakesite; Dog and victim were no strangers to each other

LAKESITE, Tennessee (WDEF) –News 12 has uncovered new information on an unprovoked attack by a pit bull that sent an elderly woman to the hospital with serious injuries.

It happened Saturday afternoon in the 9400 block of Bayview Road in Lakesite.

News 12 spoke to the dog’s owners who have confirmed to have been in contact with the woman’s family.

One of the owners told News 12 there was never any issues or history of aggression with the three-year old dog. In fact, she said the dog had previously met the next door owner and there was never an problems.

The question now is what triggered the dog to leave it’s property and attack the woman next door in her backyard.

The woman was reportedly trimming bushes when the Pit Bull came into her yard and attacked.

According to both the dog’s owner and other neighbors, the woman suffered significant damage to her leg, arm, and hand.

The owners said they immediately came to the woman’s aid and stayed with her until an ambulance could arrive.

According to the neighbors, the elderly woman was also coherent and able to talk despite being attacked.

After the woman was taken to the hospital, an animal control officer from the Humane Education Society was dispatched to the scene to investigate the attack. The officer took the dog after realizing the dog was not up-to-date on it’s rabies vaccinations. The dog is being in isolation held until experts can determine it’s not carrying rabies.

According to the dog’s owner, the animal is only past due it’s rabies vaccinations by a couple of days.

The owners said if they get their dog back, it will have to stay somewhere else, possibly with another relative because they don’t know what triggered the attack. They told  News 12 they had the dog since it was a puppy and there has never been any cause for concern until the attack Saturday afternoon.

The owners also told News 12, the dog was wearing an electric shock collar which usually keeps the animal on it’s own property.

Another neighbor told News 12 the dog is always off leash on its owners property and has never gone off property to harm anyone.

So far no charges have been filed against the dog’s owners and according to HES Executive Director Bob Citrullo, this could be a case in which the victim may not want to file charges against the owners nor have the dog put down.








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