New law is going to change your voting machine in Georgia

LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – Georgia House Bill 316 is now law in the state.

It will replace Georgia’s 17-year-old voting machines with an upgraded touch-screen system that prints out paper ballots.

It’s a step up from older machines but cyber-security experts claim an electronic-based system could be vulnerable to hackers.

We asked Walker County Election Supervisor Danielle Montgomery about the changes.

“I feel very comfortable and secure in the security of our machines. There’s a lot of protections in place, you have to go through me, to get to the machines first of all, and you have to go through my poll workers if it’s on election day, and then they’re not connected to the internet in any way.”

Governor Brian Kemp says the proposed system, which has not been selected as yet, will be more streamlined and intuitive. Those in opposition, claim the safest system is still hand-marking paper ballots.

“What will happen is, there won’t be a memory card in these machines, it’s a ballot marking device only, it only marks their selections.”

Much of the voting machine controversy started because Kemp, while running for governor against Stacy Abrams, was still serving as secretary of state, which controls elections. Abrams called the election “corrupt”.

Here are some of the other provisions of the new voting machine system.

The law blocks county election officials from rejecting absentee ballots because of mismatched signatures. The voter will also remain on the rolls even when information on a voter registration application doesn’t match other government databases.

“I can’t say that we didn’t have somebody who may have been removed because they hadn’t voted in twelve years, or you know, maybe fifteen years.”

Walker County Elections Supervisor Danielle Montgomery, hopes the new voting system will be in place for the mid-term elections next fall.

In Chattanooga, Ashley Henderson, News 12 Now.

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