New Plant For Chatworth Will Service Auto Industry

 Georgia’s Governor announces that PolyTech Fibers LLC will build a new facility on Highway 411 in Chatsworth.

 They will manufacture regenerated and recycled polyester staple fibers for vehicles, filters and furniture.

 The facility should create 114 jobs over the next three years in textile manufacturing and extrusion.

“We are excited to launch our first plant in Murray County,” said PolyTech Fibers President J.Y. Choi. “Our team is made of experienced engineers and businessmen with years of production and sales expertise. For several years, we have been planning to produce top-quality polyester fibers at competitive prices. PolyTech Fibers is an employee-owned company and we have designed our operation and production to be efficient, cost effective and most importantly, safe. Within three years, our annual production capacity will reach 80 million pounds.”

 Murray County commissioner Brittany Pittman say

“We are delighted to welcome PolyTech Fibers to our community and we are thankful that they have chosen Murray County to invest $12 million and create 114 new jobs.”

“This project will be a tremendous boost to our local economy. This announcement is a result of the continued efforts to create a competitive and business-friendly climate, which makes us more optimistic about the future. When projects like these take place, those in our community are afforded the opportunity to get back to work. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with PolyTech Fibers.”


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