New Purposity Program Aims to Help Students Living In Poverty

There are nearly 48,000 students in Hamilton County Public Schools and about 47% of them live below the poverty line. Every day, school administrators are faced with meeting emergency needs of these students and their families–things like winter coats, school uniforms, and space heaters for their homes and even beds.

The Community Foundation and The Maclellan Foundation have joined together to connect the students with needs to other people in our community who can help meet them. They created a program called Purposity.

Meaghan Jones, President of Community Foundation of Chattanooga, describes the program, “With this new tool Purposity, people can log on. They will get a text weekly and learn about the needs in their community (which has been vetted by the school guidance counselor’s and social workers). And with a click of a button, they can meet that need, send that resource; that coat, shoes, school uniform directly to the students.”

In that program, donors purchase gifts of love after hearing the need, although no personal identification information, such as the gift recipient’s names, will be shared.

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