New Restaurant Coming to Main Street

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The people who brought you the Tremont Tavern on the North Shore and 1885 Grill in St. Elmo are cooking up something new on the Southside.
The Feed co. Table and Tavern hopes to open in early summer.
It will be located at 201 W. Main in the Craftworks building.
The venture brings together Miguel and Leslie Morales from Tremont Tavern with Charlie Loomis and Dustin Choate from 1885 Grille.
Loomis will be the chef and is promising a different menu from 1885 Grill.
Miguel Morales offers the tavern experience, along with a concept image released this week.
You can find more photos and info at The Food co. Table and Tavern Facebook page or @feedtableandtav on Twitter

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