New social media app “Clubhouse” focuses on public discourse

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “It’s kind of a more, I want to say, integrated experience with the listener.”

A new kind of social media app has taken the tech world by storm.

The app, called Clubhouse, is currently an invite-only platform that allows users to engage in conversations with others in real time.

Founded in 2020, it’s quickly built a reputation as a platform for users to meet, discuss and share ideas through voice.

The app allows users to create and join “rooms,” where they can then chat with others.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, there are no pictures, videos, or text — just audio. Users can join and leave the call at any time, turning any room into a public meeting hall.

While the app is still in it’s early stages, social media expert Terri Market says it has lots of potential.

“I could see medical companies working with people about their services or even hospitals creating private rooms to talk about specific health topics that are very niche. The one question I would have is security, which has come into question in the last week. There has been some unique security breaches and that needs to be addressed,” says Market.

Asked about whether or not the new app will allow certain users like former President Trump on the platform, Market says it remains to be seen.

“It will kind of affect who joins Clubhouse based off of that, right? Like we don’t know which kind of social tools will be used to listen to conversations and to be able to figure out the safety precautions in place based off of that, the social responsibility. That is going to be up to him and I anxiously await to see what he does,” she explains.

And with users able to join rooms and congregate with others around certain topics of interest, City Councilman Anthony Byrd says the app provides a lot of opportunity for political mobilization.

“A lot of times people feel like they’re not informed, and if they’re not informed, a lot of times they feel like they don’t have a voice – and I think this is a way where people can mobilize, organize and strategize on this platform. And you know I salute that and I encourage that because that’s our democracy, that’s what America is made of,” says Councilman Byrd.

Some estimates put the number of registered users between 6 and 10 million, and that number is only expected to climb.

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