News 12 Then: When CD music replaced cassettes

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Musical recordings go back to 1888, when Thomas Edison patented his phonographic cylinder.

You would take the cylinder and put it on the recording box, with the single speaker.

Soon, various forms of physical discs took over until the long playing (LP) vinyl album became dominant in the 1970s.

Then came tape, discs and now digital.

So every few years, a new format took over.

Here is a look at the dominating formats since the 70s.

8 track: peaked in 1979
Vinyl LPs: peaked in 1981
Cassettes: peaked in 1989
Compact Disc: peaked in 1999 (but had a run from 1991-2015 at the leading format)
Digital downloads: peaked in 2005 (but was leading format thru 2015)
Digital streaming: now on top

Which is all a way to get us to this story 30 years ago in the WDEF archive.

In 1987, the new CD format was finally overtaking both vinyl records and cassettes.

In our story, CD fans touted the better sound quality and the more durable form.

Now that CDs are finally fading after a 25 year run, it’s comforting to note that vinyl is getting it’s revenge.

Here is a story on Jack White’s Nashville/Detroit commitment to the new “old” format.

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