News 12 Digs Deeper Into School Threat In Bradley County

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – News 12 is digging deeper into why parents were not notified about a serious school threat.

“I am furious,” said Mother Yolanda Moore.

Moore kept her teenage daughter home from Bradley Central High School today after a threat to ‘shoot up the school’ was found written in a boys bathroom stall.

“She told me she didn’t want to be here, that she was afraid something was going to happen.”

Moore says that the school dropped the ball in letting parents know about the threat. The threat was found on Wednesday.

“I am very upset. We should have been notified about this when it happened.”

James Bradford, with the Sheriff’s office, says that the Sheriff did not think the threat was credible.

“We don’t have anybody that’s been tied to anybody. We don’t know who wrote the message. No, no! As far as I know, nobody has been placed in custody,” he said.

Multiple students, parents, and even teachers tell News 12 that is not true.

“They have named the person. I even got confirmation from several of the teachers here through text messaging that they had identified the person, but yet, we’re now being told this person has not been identified,” said Moore.

Moore showed News 12 one of those teacher text messages. The teacher, who we’re not naming to protect their livelihood, reads, quote, ‘Mr. McElhaney — who is the assistant principle — just confirmed they did catch the kid!’

When News 12 went back to the Sheriff to ask about this, his office staff told us that he sticks by his original statement.

“We all need to know exactly what’s going to happen to this child. Uh, if it’s not this child, then we need to know if something, or whoever is responsible is found. When will we know? Especially with such a delay afterwards,” Moore said.

News 12 tried several times to speak with school district staff. They would not go on camera and asked us to leave.

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