News 12 Then: The Eastgate Plane Crash

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A few weeks ago, we looked back at the Brainerd Road plane crash in 2007.

And we shared our follow up story on the 3 crashes that happened over 25 years where planes came up short of the Chattanooga Airport.

1. 1982 Eastgate parking lot
2. 1985 Eastgate parking lot
3. 2007 Longhorn parking lot

Amazingly, no one died in any of the crashes, or hit anyone on the ground.

In November, we mark the 35th anniversary of that first crash.

This time, a small plane carrying three people landed in the Eastgate parking lot when it was still a busy shopping center.

This is the story we ran on WDEF TV in 1982.

We hear from Police Spokesman Doug Fisher and reporter Melanie Woods.

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