News 12 Then: Remembering the late freeze of 2007

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) It seems late in the season to get the hard freeze we’ve seen the last few nights in the Tennessee Valley.

But hopefully, it won’t have the lasting affects of the freeze of 2007.

That year, we got 5 days of temperatures in the 20s, during the first week of April.

Of course, it wiped out the local fruit crop that year.

But it also killed back the new leaves that were just coming out on trees and even killed some trees.

For the weeks after the freeze, you could look up at the mountains and see a brown freeze line in the trees.

That’s where the leaves turned brown and died.

And that year, just about all of us had a “Spring Fall.”

Leaves fell from the trees just like it was October, just no colors.

We know this year’s March deep freeze will damage fruit crops, but hopefully not as bad as 2007.

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