Nightfall Preview: The David Mayfield Parade

Chattanooga (WDEF) – David Mayfield could have called his outfit a "group" or even "experience."

But fans of his old group, Cadillac Sky, will tell you that "Parade" is the most appropriate.

Because his role has always seemed to be the drum major with the big baton, leading the parade.

Cadillac Sky was a brief comet in the Bluegrass world, outraging traditionalists but winning a new, younger audience for the genre.

Then they broke up after two brief years.

So the impish guitar player has come up with a band of his own, signed to Compass records, which likes musical rebels.

Could explain his unusual choice for recording studio in this video.

Mayfield has the musical chops and has also carved a reputation as a producer.

But he has always been best appreciated on the stage, where he considers himself an entertainer as much as a musician. 

Remember the campy cover of Video Killed The Radio Star from his Cadillac Sky days?

Always a fav at their Rhythym & Brews shows (RIP)!

The David Mayfield Parade continues the tradition at Nightfall on Friday night, 8PM.

Local performer John Lathim will open the show at 7PM.

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