Witness testifies his son was threatened by Mobley after double homicide

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – On the second day of testimony in a Chattanooga double homicide trial, TBI agents and the father of a witness took the stand.

Stephen Mobley is accused of killing Jasmine Hines and Rashaud Taylor at a home on Pinewood Drive on Labor Day in 2016.

He also faces an attempted first degree murder charge.

Jury members heard from Kyle Osborne, a TBI agent, who talked about the gunshot residue testing he did in the case.

He says he did not find any gunshot residue on Mobley’s clothing.

“It is consistent with an item not being exposed to a source of gunshot primer residue. A negative result can also occur when gunshot primer residue particles are lost due to washing excessive time intervals between firearm discharge and collection and other routine activities,” Osborne said.

Dan Reed, who is the father of the man who lived in the house where the shooting happened, testified.

He says his son received a call from Mobley after the incident.

“Stephen asked him, what the police were saying to him and that he better not say anything,” Reed recalled.

Reed says he grabbed the phone.

“I said, ‘Why the f*** did you kill my people?”

He says Mobley told him he didn’t do it. But Reed told him he was a liar.

Reed told jurors his son made music with Hines and Taylor. He says he knew the two of them very well.

“I felt like them was. I was around them so much. They was around me so much. It felt like they were kids to me,” Reed said.

Here is our recap of the first day of testimony.

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