No Property Tax Increase for Bradley County

Bradley County, TN (WDEF) – The third time wasn’t a charm for one Bradley County commissioner who tried again to raise property taxes by ten cents. The issue went before a vote Monday night at the Bradley County Courthouse.

A group of individuals stood outside the Bradley County courthouse passing out signs and ready to debate the tax increase vote that was about to take place inside.

“They’re attempting a minimum of a ten percent or ten cents on every hundred dollars,” said Tamara Stillwell of Cleveland. “That’s phenomenal. Most people are barely making it. You know, whether they can or can’t, wrong is wrong. We can accomplish what they are asking us to do, without an extra penny.”

Ten cents per one hundred dollars of property the citizens of Bradley County own.

The bills sponsor, county commissioner Thomas Crye, said repairs were desperately needed for local schools.

And this tax revenue was going to do just that, he said.

“Lake Forest has been leaking since it was built forty years ago,” said Crye. “Children are having to go to another pod to use the bathroom from where they’re at. There’s 12 separate pods. Many of them are leaking. Structurally they’re damaged.”

The story line is common.

County politicians say they want to raise taxes to benefit schools.

And local groups beg to differ that the new revenue will do any such thing.

“I’m for the kids too,” said Stillwell. “I have children in school. I want them to have what they need. But they don’t need to lie to us and tell us we need to have another tax increase in order to do it. It’s simply a lie.”

As the motion was called to raise property taxes, those signs were raised high.

And there was no second.

The proposal will be raised again next year.

“I feel I gave it all I had,” said Crye. “This was the third time I tried to arrange funding for the school system. I ran for office based on jobs and education. And I feel like I’ve been sincere in that and I can sleep comfortable tonight.”

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