No reports of gun violence during the Riverbend Festival

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Riverbend Festival brings thousands of people to the riverfront every year.

But this year’s event made some worried after a decision by Tennessee Lawmakers to allow people with carry permits to take their guns into public parks.

State Senator Bo Watson says that decision did not create problems at the Festival.

“There are over 300,000 people in the state of Tennessee who have carry permits. 99.99 percent of those people are great, outstanding, upstanding citizens. There is no reason to be concerned about them.”

Chattanooga City Council Member Larry Grohn agrees.

“The overwhelming majority of gun owners in the United States are very law abiding and very responsible. It’s other elements of our society that resort to criminal activities and or violence.”

In the past, Riverbend has always been a weapons free event, which meant no guns were permitted.

But once the Legislature passed the guns in parks bill, that became the law of the land.

The issue of Gun control is a hot topic since the recent Orlando nightclub massacre.

But State Senator Watson hopes Congress doesn’t pass gun legislation based on emotions, or fear.

“The challenge is, how do you find the one needle in the haystack, and do you regulate to such a point that you penalize the 99.99 percent, at the expense of the point .001 percent. And I think that’s the conversation that the United States Senate is having today. But again, the event like Riverbend demonstrates that good people do not do bad things.”

The Chattanooga Police department will release its Riverbend crime statistics on Tuesday.

*Photo via The Tony Burgess Blog

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