No Witness Protection for Witness Who Testified Against Courtney High

On Tuesday we told you about a hearing in sessions court for Courtney High.
He’s charged with the June 11th shooting death of his cousin Jerica Jackson.
Judge Lila Statom was hearing evidence against High, including testimony from an acquaintance named Johnny Clemons.
According to Clemons, High came to where he was staying in Atlanta and shot him three times during an argument.
Clemons also told the court that High described how he shot his 22-year old cousin to death as she sat in a car.
But, Clemons added, that the morning of his testimony he received a threatening note in the jail, advising him not to testify.
He did anyway.
NEAL PINKSTON/HAM. CO. DISTRICT ATTORNEY GENERAL/NEWS 12 NOW   “The state of Tennessee has no witness protection program. I know the city is trying to develop one recently, but there’s no formal witness protection program such exists in the federal system.”

Prosecutor Lance Pope asked the media at the time to withhold the witness’s name or his protection.
That information is now public.
The judge bound Courtney High’s case over to the grand jury.

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