Noise Ordinance Undergoes Several Amendments

         The Chattanooga City council makes several changes to the new proposed noise ordinance.
        One amendment lowers the allowed bass music type decibels from 95 to 90.
        Other changes to the ordinance included measuring the sound based on a one minute average reading, and if a venue is cited multiple times in one evening, they can be shut down for the night.
        They also cut out 4th street to 7th street from the amplified music district.
        Councilman Moses Freeman says even if the ordinance passes…there could still be more changes in the future.
        "We’ll look at it at the end of this year to see if we need to make modifications. There may be some other areas we want to bring under this particular ordinance where they have to get permits to play the loud music and then there are other places where we may say you can’t have loud music. So we’ll have to see, but we do want to encourage the music industry and want to satisfy those who are doing the business now, but at the same time we want to give the neighbors much relief as possible," Freeman said.
     Because so many amendments were made to the ordinance, the council unanimously voted to defer the vote on the ordinance to next week so the public can get a better look at all the changes.
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