Nokian Tyres Announces New Innovative Tire Produced at Dayton Facility

Nokian Tyres announced Tuesday a new, all-season passenger tire exclusively crafted for North American roads.

The Nokian Tyres One is made with the latest technology to provide safety and durability in line with their sustainability standards.

The tires will be produced at the manufacturing facility in Dayton.

“The product carries low rolling resistance which is better for the environment, decreases emissions and helps the driver have a more fuel efficient driving experience. And, it’s made in a factory that leads the industry in sustainability. In fact, the Dayton factory was the first factory in the world to earn LEED v4 Silver certification,” says Wes Boling, Marketing Communications Manager for Nokian Tyres.

Nokian Tyres was the first tire manufacturer to give up the use of harmful oils in its tire compounds.

The company has also reduced CO2 emissions from its production processes by 44 percent in the last six years.

Boling continues, “This product will be one of many that we will continue to develop and make more and more of in Dayton so, the ramp up process will continue through 2023, and our ultimate goal by then will be to make as many as 4 million tires per year in Dayton, and employ as many as 400 workers, currently we employ around 150 workers and very soon, I think we can expect to see an announcement of more jobs to come in the Dayton factory in 2021.”

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Reporting in Rhea county, Bekah Birdsall, News 12 Now.

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