Nonprofit ‘tnAchieves’ needs to fill 2,000 volunteer spots in 1 day


Aubu5cj5 400x400Tennessee is the Volunteer State, and one non-profit is hoping we live up to the name. TN Achieves has until tomorrow to find 2,000 volunteers statewide and 54 volunteers for Hamilton County.

In 15 years the organization has recruited more than 85,000 volunteers across Tennessee to encourage high school seniors as they transition to college.

Ben Sterling handles communications for the organization. He said he believes this program is perfect for the person who wants to volunteer, but feels they may be too busy.

“But really the type of person that we’re looking forward to serve as a mentor is somebody that is willing to give an hour a month. Somebody that’s willing to be available to students when they have questions, and is willing to be consistent in that communication reaching out to students every two weeks, opening the door offering the opportunity to ask questions, and just really just being available for students,” said Sterling. “We find that people that are busy business people. We busy individuals find success in our volunteer experience. We have people that are retired and have lots of free time, they find success here. I like to think that this is the mentor or the volunteer experience for the person that says they don’t have time to volunteer. It’s such a low time commitment but, at the end of the day, it’s something that can make a huge difference if a student decides to go to college, and they weren’t necessarily on track to do that before.”

Mentors begin working with their students beginning in November. It is a 12-hour annual commitment, just one hour per month. To get involved visit

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