North Carolina needs more volunteer firefighters

MURPHY, North Carolina (WDEF) – Officials say that North Carolina is facing a critical shortage of volunteer firefighters.

FEMA reports that 72% of the state’s firefighters are volunteers.

And the number of volunteers has been declining by 11-12% each year.

So the North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs (NCAFC) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) just launched a critical two-year drive to recruit new volunteers in 15 of their most at risk counties.

And Cherokee County in our tip of the state is one of them.

  • Cherokee County: Hiwassee Dam Volunteer Fire Department

 “Local volunteers provide the bedrock of North Carolina’s firefighter workforce,” said Chief Tracy Mosley, program manager, NCAFC.


“We understand that the safety of our communities relies on fully staffed and trained departments, and based on the success of past campaigns, we’re eager to launch this next iteration to transform our state’s volunteer fire service landscape.”

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