North Georgia deals with flooding Wednesday

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – Water covered roads in Catoosa County on Wednesday.

It was a similar scene in Walker County where yards were flooded.

Over in Dade County, rain flooded Sitton’s Gulch and Lookout Creek has overflowed.

“We started preparing, actually, yesterday, road crews going out and cleaning out and obstructions that might be in ditches and opening drains,” Dade County Executive Ted Rumley said.

“We feel we’re prepared all you can be, all we can be.”

As this potentially dangerous storm soaks the Tennessee Valley, it’s almost impossible to forget the Easter tornado that rolled through and damaged parts of Dade County.

“A lot of these people here, where maybe a couple, two or three years ago they’d probably gone to bed and say well we’ll get up and go to work in the morning, they’ll be up most of the night watching with their eyes glued to the news,” Rumley said.

After last year, the community decided to do something a little different.

More than 20 churches of different denominations have joined forces.

Collectively, they’re called the HUB.

“In this community the churches have always been the first response to a wounded neighborhood, no matter if it’s regular run of the mill poverty, whether it’s a natural disaster. The church is the first people go to,” Trenton United Methodist Church Pastor Emeritus Reece Fauscett said.

The HUB works in coordination with the county EMA to give response, recovery and relief during severe weather.

“We’ve always been reactive to the situation, but this is proactive. We’ve actually went out and organized before something happens,” Rising Fawn United Methodist Church Pastor Mike King said.

The county has shelters open at the justice and administration buildings.

The HUB also has shelters ready to open.

The information is listed on the Dade County’s website.

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