North Georgia Democrats make late push for Senate runoff

 Dalton, Georgia– Both the Democrats and Republicans are making a final push before Tuesday’s Georgia Senate runoff. The runoff will determine who has the majority in the senate.

”I just don’t believe that she knows how to look out after every day Georgians, she’s so used to looking out for herself,” Chair of Whitfield County Democratic Party Debby Peppers. 

Early voting has been completed and Tuesday the polls will be open.

“But on a statewide election, votes are important and I’d like to emphasize to all of our people, your vote does count, and is important in a statewide election,“ said Peppers. 

“Especially given the fact that Trump is having his rally tonight, so we want to let our people know that we’re here, we’re excited, and we know there’s an important election tomorrow,” said Peppers. 

Monday, both parities are made that final push.

“Locally our little party and spent more money trying to promote this election than we have an any other,” said Peppers. 

The Whitfield County Democrat party said it held a press conference Monday to bring accountability to both Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue.

“Well they have managed to dodge a lot of the questions that have been asked. I think they also should be held accountable for their actions regarding their own personal finances,” said Peppers. 

Loeffler and staff have denied the claim of improper stock trading and Perdue’s campaign is running a television ad declaring that he has been “totally exonerated.”

“She put herself and her stock portfolio first in Washington, not hard-working Georgia families,” said Peppers. 

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