North Lee Elementary gets new mascot squad

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – North Lee Elementary School now has their first mascot crew.

“Coming in and being the first, the original ones to do this, it’s tough. It’s not easy, but they’ve made it fun,” North Lee Cheer Coach Jennifer Robinson said.

11-year-old twins Thomas and Henry Seo and 9-year-old Hunter Kicklighter rotate out as the mascot “Rocky,” and get the crowd hyped at home games and special community events.

“I think they like us a lot,” Henry Seo said.

Robinson said when the guys tried out she was blown away.

“They were really talented. We had a lot of kids try out and these three guys came in with a lot of energy, a lot of spirit. There was break dancing, there were back flips, there was shouting,” she said.

She wasn’t the only one to spot their talent.

Robinson said the Tennessee Tech Awesome Eagle mascot spotted Rocky at a game and was so impressed by the mascot that she invited the boys to perform at the Tennessee Tech basketball game last Saturday.

“It was really exciting,” Kicklighter said.

“It was a huge honor,” Henry said.

The guys said that their favorite part of being on the mascot squad is that they get to entertain and do flips.

But, entertaining in a mascot suit isn’t always easy.

“It’s hard to see,” Kicklighter said.

“It’s hot and sweaty,” Henry said.

“We have to tilt the head a little bit so we can only see with one eye. We have to do the other eye if we want to do a different spot.”

Robinson said it was the principal’s idea to get a mascot squad.

The students got to come up with the mascot’s name.

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