North Murray leaning on experienced QB, receivers to extend playoff streak

CHATSWORTH, Ga. (WDEF) — Winning is the expectation — and the reality — for the North Murray Mountaineers. Five straight winning seasons and playoff appearances make the ‘Neers one of the consistently best teams in North Georgia. With returning talent like quarterback Seth Griffin, this year shouldn’t be any different.

“We’re going to be real dangerous. I don’t think any team can stop us,” receiver Michael McDade said.

North Murray’s recent success has relied largely on the spectacular skills of former running back Dante Tidwell. The ‘Neers might not be able to duplicate his 4-4 speed, but they’re confident in the weapons they do have.

“You know, I don’t think you can really fill that,” quarterback Seth Griffin said. “Kind of like with Ladd [McConkey], you can’t really fill that, but it’s just bringing guys around that can impact in different ways.”

“It’s hard to replace him, but you have to replace him with numbers I think,” Coach Preston Poag said. “We’ve got some guys maybe not as quick, but we’ve really worked hard in the off-season. We’ve got a good many guys that are in the 4-6’s that can make plays.”

“We’ve got a lot of weapons,” running back Judson Petty said. “We don’t have near as much speed as we did last year, but we’ve got a lot of weapons.”

“Our wide receiver corps, we’ve been working really hard, working our footwork, working our speed. We’ve gotten a lot faster. We’ve always had hands. We can catch anything that Seth throws our way,” McDade said.

The ‘Neers might have lost speed on offense, but they’ve gained strength on defense.

“We’re going to have a better D-line,” McDade said. “They’re getting into the weight room, getting stronger, so we’re going to have a great pass rush, and they’re going to collapse on the run.”

“What’s going to help is we got more girth to us,” Poag said. “We’re bigger. But we’ve got depth. Last year, we were small, and we didn’t have a whole lot of depth, and teams took advantage of that.”

North Murray are using a disappointing first round playoff loss last season as motivation.

“Just us seeing what we should’ve done last year and what we didn’t accomplish, and just seeing everyone in the locker room just all sad, we don’t want to see that again this year,” Griffin said. “So we’ve been busting our butt in workouts and practice. It’s just going to be a different year all around.”

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