Northshore tenant concerned about apartment structural problems

“Given what we’re noticing, it shouldn’t be happening this quickly at such a new building.”

Christa Norris is concerned about the apartment building where she lives in Northshore, after noticing several cracks, rusting and water damage.

“I started noticing a few cracks in my apartment but also things like the wiring not working and then from there it began escalating and more people as we were talking started gathering notes,” says Norris.
And after the recent condo collapse in Surfside Florida, Norris says it only heightened her anxieties.
“Obviously you can’t help but relate things like that to your own home and environment when you notice some similarities to what you’re seeing on the news,” she says.
Although the building at 5 Points Northshore is just two years old, she says any apartment building that new shouldn’t be experiencing the sort of problems she’s seen.
“There are a lot of things in the construction industry where certain corners can be cut. Things done cheaply, quickly and that’s not always the best way and when it comes to people’s home you want to make sure that you’re living somewhere safe,” Norris says.
Norris says she isn’t alone in her worries about the building.
“I know actually of a few residents who, I mean, it’s starting to affect their sleep. They’ve told me they’re starting to have trouble sleeping and having nightmares about it, so it is a concern.”
But she hopes going public with her concerns will inspire other apartment tenets to be watchful about their buildings too.
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