Notre Dame Eager to Regain Championship Form

After playing for a state title in 2017, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish haven’t had much fight the last two years, winning a total of three games.
Time to wake up the echoes as the Irish get the 30-in-30 spotlight.

For Notre Dame to play like a champion again, head coach Charles Fant knows it doesn’t take some fancy plan.
Said Fant:”You play the best players, and if you do the right things, they make plays. Our job right now is we don’t worry about stats.”
Doesn’t sound like Coach Fant has to worry about his team’s work ethic.
Said Fant:”This is probably our best off season we’ve ever had here.”
Said running back Alex Osborne:”We start practice at like 8:30 in the morning, but we have players out there in the morning at 7:30 putting in the extra work.”
Said tight end Andy McGann:”I think we focus on detail and effort more than anything at practice. I think we all want it. We all want to make a name for ourselves and for the team. I think that’s going to make us really dangerous this year.”
Said receiver Jermaine Smith:”We have three of those transfer players coming this year. We’re all a threat. Nobody knows about us. We’re just going to sneak up on them. We are a secret weapon.”
If Notre Dame is going to sneak up on people, they’ve got to settle on a quarterback.
Said Fant:”We’ve got a freshman quarterback in Cash Bandy, and we’ve got a sophomore quarterback called Carl Robinson, and those two guys are working hard. The best part of young quarterbacks is that they don’t have those, those bad habits that sometimes you get when you get a seasoned quarterback coming in.”
Fant’s system has worked well in the past, and he hopes it will produce once again.
Said Fant:”I think our kids understand what we used to be. What this program was like when we had the Cameron Wynn’s, and we had the Kareem Orr’s, and the Patrick Johnson’s. Patrick and Kareem are playing in the NFL right now. They see where they can be, but I don’t want them to be those kids. I want them to be their own best selves.”

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