Notre Dame Football Team Sees the Benefits of Yoga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – When Notre Dame warms up for a football game, they do a little more than routine stretching.

They practice yoga.

Notre Dame head coach Charles Fant has had his team doing yoga now for the past four years.

Said yoga instructor Maggie White, who leads the team-“Yoga is a science of wellness for the mind, the body, and the spirit. We focus on core strength, balance, flexibility, as well as mental focus and mental clarity.”

Said Irish receiver Justyn Baker-“Yoga is highly underrated. People think it’s easy. It’s really intense. It’s just like playing football. She really works us in certain positions that kind of gets you going certain ways.”

Added White-“Definitely the core work. When I ask them to hold a position for a little bit longer, they have a lot to say about that.”

Said Irish lineman Kobe Bragg-“For linemen, you’ve got to have flexibility in your hips. I feel like it actually does help you in a lot of ways.”

Said Fant-“In football, you get bent and twisted in some crazy positions. But once again with flexibility, we’re able to get in those positions and make it out safe. I’ve seen a tremendous drop in injuries, which was the very first thing that I saw with yoga. We do it on game days. We do it home or away. It doesn’t matter. From inside gyms to outside. I remember we did it out on the game field at Bledsoe. I remember all the people walking around looking like we were crazy and all kinds of stuff.”

Baker-“It really helps in game situations because you may get riled up. It teaches us to calm ourselves down.”

Fant-“There’s something about all that hard work for that period of time and relaxing and then focusing and clearing your mind. It’s an incredible experience.”

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