NPHC hosts virtual pre-inauguration celebration

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The National Panhellenic Council of Chattanooga held a pre-inauguration ceremony, celebrating the inauguration of the 46th President,  Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. 

The virtual celebration consisted of several speakers , community members, and entertainment pieces.

Local participants of the celebration ceremony say they were most impacted by voter turnout and the  importance of women’s roles in voting.

“Exactly 100 years after women won the right to vote, America has elected a woman to serve in the White House. We can hear voices from the past call out today. We can hear the cheers of suffrages, especially women of color who continued to fight for our right after women won the constitutional right to vote through the 19th amendment,” Says Lisa Hyder , League of Women Voters.

Even future voters acknowledged that this election has made them pay more attention to politics and that they are excited for the day when it will finally be their turn to exercise their right to vote.

“This election was the first time in my 17 years that I was truly invested in , in any election. I realized how the results would affect me as I went into adulthood,” says Kaitlyn Leath, future voter. 

“I see that gender and skin color is not a limitation but it is something that can help me progress myself. I am hopeful for this next administration and I’m excited to see what happens under their leadership,” says Taylor Allen, future voter. 

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