NTSB on mid air Collision: Beech came down on top of Taylor Stone’s plane

CARROLTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The NTSB issues a preliminary report on the mid air collision over Carrollton, Georgia that killed Chattanooga native Taylor Stone.

Stone was the 24 year old flight instructor for Falcon Aviation Academy.

They had 3 planes in the air over Carrollton practicing landings on September 7th.

A 20 year old student pilot was in the left cockpit seat on Stone’s flight, Stone was in the right cockpit.

The other plane involved in the crash was a private Beech aircraft flown by a 79 year old pilot with plenty of flight hours under his belt.

The report says his plane approached the Carrollton airport above and behind Stone’s Falcon flight.

And he was travelling 50 knots faster than she was.

Evidence from the wreckage indicates that the Beech came down on top of Stone’s plane, 850 feet off the ground.

Another instructor flight for Falcon witnessed the collission.

That pilot reported that the Beech pilot was not communicating his intentions on the CTJ common traffic advisory frequency.

All pilots report that Stone made several broadcasts on the frequency explaining their intentions before the crash.

All three pilots on board the two planes were killed.

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