NTSB Updates on Latest Findings: Nash Family Speaks Out

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)-Community members continue to gather and mourn for those lives lost in the Tally Road School bus crash.

While the National Transportation Safety Board gathered for another press conference this afternoon.

“The mechanical inspection of the bus is underway. We’re, we’re just about finished with that. We’re looking at the breaks, we’re looking at the steering, and we’re looking at the mechanical condition of the bus to see to what extent was that the cause of this accident.”

During his second press conference this week, Chairman Christopher Hart with the National Transportation Safety Board shared some important new information.

“Looking at the history of Tally road, we, we just ascertained that Tally Road was not on the designated route for that school bus.”

Hart says, surveillance video from three different cameras on the bus are also being downloaded and inspected by NTSB officials, as well as the engine control module which was removed from the bus to be analyzed to determine what caused the crash and how to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

“I mean, this is a tragedy and this is something that could have been avoided, only if they had seat belts on those buses. And I think that’s something that we really need to do; I think we need to come together. If we’re going to come together and stand for anything, it’s get seat belts on the school buses.”

Patricia Nash’s granddaughter, Zoie Nash, a 4th grader at Woodmore Elementary School, died due to her injuries caused by the crash Monday afternoon.

“Zoie was a very kind, and sweet loving child. She was on the dance team, uh she also played baseball, uh Zoie was just a good kid. I mean she was she never said a hurting thing to anybody. When I think about that Zoie was here a couple of days ago and now she’s gone, that’s a really hurting thing.”

Six children have lost their lives so far, multiple are currently in critical condition, and 24-year-old Johnthony Walker is now facing charges for vehicular homicide, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

“I feel for Mr. Walker uh too. You know, I don’t think that he woke up knowing uh that day that he was gonna do something as tragic as what happened. Uh I think we all should pray for him, and, and uh just figure out what was going through his head at that time, because we don’t know and just, just show him some love too”

In Chattanooga, Valeria Sistrunk, News 12 Now.

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