Nuclear Regulatory Commission Assigns New Inspector to Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor

(WDEF) Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials in Atlanta have selected Jeff Hamman to serve as the new resident inspector at the Watts Bar nuclear plant’s Unit 1.
        The Watts Bar plant is operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority and is located near Spring City, Tenn., about 60 miles southwest of Knoxville. The plant’s Unit 1 has been in operation since 1996 and TVA is currently completing construction and testing of Unit 2. The NRC is expected to make a decision on a license for Unit 2 in 2015.
        Hamman joins Senior Resident Inspector Jared Nadel, who recently assumed that role for Unit 1. The NRC also has resident inspectors for the Unit 2 construction activities.
        Before being assigned to the Watts Bar site, Hamman had served since April 2007 as a project engineer in the NRC’s Region II office in Atlanta. Before joining the NRC, Hamman worked as a licensing specialist at the Summer Nuclear Station near Jenkinsville, S.C., and as an engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site. Hamman also served six years on active duty in the U.S. Navy as a Reactor Operator, and currently serves in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps as a reserve officer, holding the rank of Commander.He has more than 30 years military service, both active and reserve, and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
        Hamman received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in South Carolina.
        “Jeff Hamman has the commitment and experience to carry out the NRC mission of protecting people and the environment by helping ensure the safety of the Watts Bar plant,” said NRC Region II Administrator Victor McCree.
        At least two NRC resident inspectors are assigned to each operating U.S. commercial nuclear plant. They serve as the agency’s eyes and ears at the facility, conducting inspections, monitoring major work projects and interacting with plant workers and the public. Resident inspectors can serve at one site for up to seven years.
        The Watts Bar resident inspectors can be reached at423-365-5487.

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