Numbers Climbing For Women In Trucking

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- The trucking industry changes as new innovations come along.

Recently, we have seen tractor trailers become more fuel efficient and even some self driving trucks are beginning to show up.

But, there have been a lack of female presence until now.

According to Freightwaves, 10 to 15 years ago less than 5 % of drivers were female.

Now 12% of drivers and 39% of the trucking industry management are women.

The founder of the Women In Trucking Association, Ellen Voie says, “So we’re seeing an elevation. And also, women in truck driving championships and women being driver of the month at trucking companies. So, we’re seeing a lot more women being visible and vocal.”

The Women in Trucking Association is not just for truck drivers, It’s also for women throughout the industry.

Lisa McGinty, the Chief Engagement Officer at Freightwaves says, “In this industry in particular, it’s really important. Women can add so much value that I think is under appreciated sometimes and even unseen until you include them into the board room, or the executive level or even the mid management level. At any point, I think that women have a place and opportunity to add value to an organization.”

Freightwaves and the Women in Trucking Association are joining together to strengthen the relationships within the trucking industry and promote the women that either work in logistics, drive, maintain or even build tractor trailers.

McGinty also says, “We put a lot of that behind the power of Women In Trucking and help evangelize what they are doing from helping to create surveys, giving them a voice at our events, writing about them in our media outlets and really trying to make sure that the industry is aware of what they are doing.”

Female presence is growing in the trucking industry and will continue to trend upward.

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